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About Open Desk / Internship program

Open Desk/Internship application:
Tatsu Matsuda Architects is currently requesting for Open Desk / Internship members. We are waiting for the people with confidence and ambitious towards architecture.

Details on the working experience:
Your working experience will include involvement with numbers of our projects like planning, drawing plans/elevations, as well as modeling. New comers sometimes concern about their capabilities in the firm. However, we make sure Open desk members can learn one by one; and this opportunity will allow members to strengthen their projects, skills and knowledge.

Working period:
Working period for the members differ by their schedule. Usually one set of working period are 1 to 2 weeks; and two to three times a week. If you are a student, then you are allowed to come after your lectures. They usually get use to their schedule after 2 weeks; and their experience becomes more practical.

Currently we are only requesting in Tokyo

Application method:
Please send your resume (CV) and portfolio to the firm's address; or you can also send me through email. Feel free to apply for the Open Desk / Internship, even if you do not have a portfolio. We usually answer to your application after 3 days.

Make sure you include the following information;
- A. Name, Education, Age, Contact info, working period, and time
- B. Software that you can use, skills that you want to learn during the open desk period, and cover letter

Send your application to:

Other information:
This is smaller architecture design firm. We provide great experience for the Open Desk / Internship students. Thus, I want you to develop your knowledge and skills as much as possible during the period. Currently, we have numbers of talent in our firm, if you are willingly to learn or want to contribute your talent to our office, feel free to apply for this program. We still have a few desks available. Thus, we are waiting for your application.
students in our office


Staff member and Part-time member application

Information on new part-time member application:
Currently, we are not requesting for part-time worker. However, we are always looking for talented members. Thus, if you are confident enough, please apply to the contact below.


depends on your skills

Graduate students and above;
Graduated University and with professional working experience

Working Period:
Approximately 1 week (maximum 2 weeks)

Application method:
 Please send your resume and portfolio (in PDF format) to the firm's address; or you can also send me through email. We usually answer to your application after 3 days. (Make sure you send the package to the firm in Tokyo)

Send your application to: 

Currently Not Requesting for Staff members
Even though we are not requesting for the staff members, we are always looking for great talent. Thus, if you get hired, then we will highly likely position you as a part-time member. 



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